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A follow up…

We were lucky, myself, and my friends and family.  I’m very thankful that my choice to stay in my home didn’t create a problem for anyone else.  I saw postings this morning saying how scary the storm sounded and that people didn’t get any sleep, but I must have slept through the scary part.  I have a much bigger lake in the back yard.  It looks lovely in the sunshine.  The birds are back out there, and butterflies and a dragonfly also.

I started raking the leaves and sticks that were carpeting the back yard, but with the winds as strong as they still are it may have been a waste of time.  And, like a huge amount of people in Florida, I have no power.  Which means I haven’t been able to see what has happened outside of my little area in the wake of Irma.  Hoping all are feeling as thankful as I am today.  See you when the electricity returns…

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