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After Irma…

She woke up that morning with less faith in the powers of the little electric co-op she belonged to then she had had the day before. She had spent the day before with a naggy headache caused by caffeine deprivation, but the expectation that the electric would be restored any minute drove her on. Besides, at that point she hadn’t figured out how to open the electric garage door to even attempt to venture out. Her internet was working at that point also, and the remnants of the hurricane were still wreaking havoc. She had the thought that perhaps opening the garage door would allow in a wind gust that could do damage, and after riding out the storm all night she didn’t want to do anything stupid at that point. They were cautioning residents to be aware that electric lines could be down, so they should stay home. That was okay, it was still an adventure then.

But the second morning without coffee looked less adventurous and more like an endurance challenge. Especially without internet access to distract her. Which is how she found her possibly smelly self at Panera at 6:30 AM, in hopes of finding coffee, that was number one, but also an electrical receptacle to plug in her laptop. There would be lots of clean up to do out in the yard when she got herself home, and if she was going to take a cold shower she would do it after that. Or the Y, she could go to the Y and take a nice shower, that was a possibility also. So charging her laptop and phone were important, but so was the internet. She had made a post to her blog the day before, and anticipating that she would need to wait for electricity to charge her computer she bid the blogosphere goodbye until the electric was back. She clicked Publish, and simultaneously, it seems, the post was published and the internet bid her adieu.  A lifeline of sorts, gone.

She took a last sip of coffee, and seeing that her laptop was fully charged she unplugged, and headed home, wondering what this new day would bring. The sky was gorgeous, she wished she was positioned to take a photo. Maybe things would get back to normal today.