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Who’s a dumb cluck?

The term ‘dumb cluck’ came to mind today, as I was taking care of my neighbor’s chickens. They evacuated for the hurricane, the neighbors did, and I was a bit worried about having a front row seat to what would become of the chickens as Irma blew through the neighborhood. I pictured the roof of the homemade coop coming off and chickens being hurtled through the air. Which didn’t happen, and I’m glad about that, but then I was left to care for them in my own inept way.

I’ve made sure that they had fresh water and flung them some food every day, in imitation of scenes from old TV shows or something. They put themselves back in the coop for the night, so all you have to do is close up the coop. But in order to do that I have to step into the covered area outside of the coop, and in doing so I have walked into a spider web every.single.time I walk in. That’s where the dumb cluck thought came from. For some reason I can’t ever think of it ahead of time, not until I feel something brush against my hair, it’s extremely creepy.

So I googled the term ‘dumb cluck’ and someone said “The term “dumb cluck” in referring to a stupid person is an insult to chickens”

It’s official then, the dumb cluck I was referring to was me!


As you can see I have a thing for the black and white chickens.  I think they look Zentangled!  And my little squirrel friend loves the chicken feed too!