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Finding a way back to normal…

I think that the week of stress due to the hurricane and losing a friend has finally gotten to me. Worry over the decision to leave or not, then the change of direction of the storm when it was too late to choose to leave, it was more stress than I realized. I always did think that I was fine during a crisis, but felt the repercussions afterward. Plus work has been a lot harder also. I never, ever, gave a thought to what recovering from a hurricane meant for a business, it’s quite overwhelming.

I had been cooped up for nearly a week, so I ignored the clouds in the sky, and the thunder, and drove to Bayport for the sunset. It was so nice to find out that the sunset hasn’t lost it’s magic. As I drove over I saw that the sun was setting behind some dark clouds and I thought I’d be too late. But the colors were still pretty, even with the cloud cover. And a Jeep pulled into the parking lot, blasting the radio, but on my radio station! Maybe things really are getting back to normal.

And I didn’t forget to check the sky behind me…

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