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Little jungles…

I think that having the out of control weeds out front whipped into shape was a good move, even if I did have it done immediately before a hurricane. But now it’s past time to mow again already. I have a section of lawn with those tall seed stalks waving in the breeze, and I found myself standing among them as I waited for the dogs to finish wandering around last night. Which is when I noticed a little yellow dragonfly landing on one, and then another, of the tall stalks of grass. Of course I had my phone with me so I started trying to get a picture, and then went in for my DSLR, and back outside again. Then I remembered to try my phone using the macro feature in the Camera + app. If I was a serious photographer I could have laid down in the grass for a better angle, or maybe I could take a yoga class so I could at least bend over a little more freely. I think the dogs love it when I have the camera out there because they can run amok and I don’t notice.

But after noticing all the dragonflies, pretty butterflies/moths (I’m not sure which), and tiny lizards enjoying my overgrown lawn I’m going to feel badly when I do mow. I see things fly up out of the grass while I’m on my riding mower, but I haven’t ever really looked at them before. They have had to contend with all the same crazy weather that we’ve had to deal with all summer, plus me on my mower. Sorry little creatures.littlejungle3littlejungle5littlejungle6littlejungle7littlejungle8littlejungle9