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Tangled webs…

Recently I was excited to photograph my first spider web, although it was disappointing to see the web appear so dense that you couldn’t see the strands that made it up. Well, ‘be careful what you wish for’, they say.  Little Miss Muffet got quite the surprise when she let Ozzie out 5;30 AM the other morning. The outside light was on, perfectly illuminating a spider web in a tree just off the patio, eye level and only a few feet away.  And with a big brown spider sitting right in the middle of it. Of course I had to take pictures, even if I was late getting ready for work. The photo shoot came to a screeching halt when the spider ran down the web, appearing to be running right at me! I can take a hint, he’d had enough.  And I was happy to oblige.muffet1muffet2muffet3