birds, friends, photography, Pine Island, sunset, unintended consequences

Pelican sunset…

Sunsets and sunrises are always so different from each other. At Pine Island you have more people, and more activities going on than the other places that I’ve been, which makes for some interesting photos. But the main event is always the sunset itself. And this one didn’t disappoint.

One very unexpected bonus to this trip out for the sunset was a chance to talk with another photographer who was using the enormous lens that I’ve been seeing here and there online. It is a 600mm zoom, which is twice the zoom that my camera has. He said it has 3 levels of image stabilization so even hand held there is no problem with holding it steady, though he admitted that it gets heavy. He showed me a photo of a bald eagle that he had taken earlier in the day, and it was so sharp that I swear you could have counted the feathers. Amazing. He told me to check out his Facebook group, North American Wildlife Photography, to see amazing images of all sorts of wildlife, and I will…


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