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A Not-So-Ordinary Sunset…

Once in a while, on a day that was ordinary, or maybe you are feeling a little blue, you might walk out and see something that would change your perspective completely.  Like finding a beautiful rainbow just outside your door.rainbow

And that puts you in the mood to go to Pine Island for the sunset, despite the drizzle, and the clouds that seem to want to take over.  But, as with the rainbow, you find that nature has another boost to your spirits waiting for you when you get there.

Dolphins haven’t been part of the sunset scene before.  I could hear the people around me exclaiming that it was a mother and baby, and saying, “Isn’t he cute”, but I was too busy trying to take pictures to look for those kinds of details.  I’ll take their word for it.  The kids in the water were treated to close up dolphin sightings going in both directions. A mom was yelling to them to be quiet and stay still, but that seemed to be impossible for them.  Still, they got a closer view than I might have expected.

And then, as I was loading my cameras into the car and turned to see the last of the color,  paper lanterns started rising into the air.  They were probably two feet across, and the flame inside was clearly visible, so the fact that kids were running with them seemed a little bizarre, but they added another element to a not so ordinary sunset.  Mother Nature is a pretty good therapist.dolphinsunset5