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Newton Park…

Lake Apopka is a great place to take bird photos, or so I’ve heard. About an hour away I was told. An 11 mile loop trail around the lake. So I was off yesterday and I headed out for what turned out to be a 2 hour drive at the end of which I discovered that the trail is closed until they get it all cleaned up after Irma made a visit. I had pulled into a parking area thinking that it was a place to get on the trail, but it was just a little dock. Lucky for me a personal trainer was there, working with a client, and he told me to try Newton Park, which was close by. There were lots of bird noises when I got there, so it sounded like a promising site, despite the “Do Not Feed The Alligators’ sign. And then the mosquito sprayers came by and chased the birds away.

So you’d think it wasn’t a very successful day for pictures, but things do seem to work out most of the time. But I’m not sure I would have noticed the osprey if another visitor hadn’t pointed it out to me.

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