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Something different, but good…

Having temporarily lost several of our key co-workers, coupled with the consequences of Hurricane Irma, have made the last couple weeks at work exhausting. Yesterday was a longer day than normal and going out for photos didn’t seem as if it was going to be in the cards. But what was in the cards was my dinner. Publix has started offering a freshly prepared seafood dinner in a pouch, and as part of a promotion they gave us all a coupon to get the associates to try it. The coupon was going to expire tomorrow, and with my long day at work the time had come to take advantage of the offer. Sweet chili salmon was my choice, and it was absolutely delicious. What a nice option to have when you are hungry but you need a break. No prep, ready in 20 minutes, fast food with no guilt! Yes I work for Publix, (where shopping is a pleasure), but this is my honest and unsolicited opinion. dinnerinapouch