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Meanwhile, back on the lake…

It was a Blue Jay in the grass that got me out back with my camera on Saturday afternoon.   I’ve seen Blue Jays all along since I’ve lived here, but not often.  And they usually fly through my field of vision, but never stop for a photo op.  So why they were out there was a mystery, but they stuck around while I got my camera and tripod and got myself (sans dogs) outside.



While concentrating on the Blue Jays I couldn’t help but notice the cute little Palm Warblers, there were many, and they flitted merrily all over the yard.



If that wasn’t enough a Red-bellied Woodpecker decided to join the fun.

Overseeing all were the ever present Little Blue Herons.  Two live on the lake, they are here all day every day, in the grasses at the edge of the lake, and commonly on the post that measures the water levels.  Without the Sandhill Cranes to compete with they are the noisiest birds out there.  One calling to the other across the lake, like a loud conversation.  Today the Little Blue Heron and the Great Egret took turns on the post, but one of them was on it at all times.


And, of course, the ducks.  Merlin, the app that has helped me identify all these birds, says they are Mottled Ducks.  I love that app.  Without it I’d have to ask for the ID of most of the birds out there no matter how common they may be.  I read that you should learn to ID the birds on your own and not rely on Merlin.  I should do a lot of things…


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Bayport sunrise…

It was a promising sunrise as the sky began to glow orange at the horizon line.  I love to go to Bayport for the sunrise simply because I love the reflection of the palm trees in the inlet, but it means I take the same photo each time I go there.  But the light is always different, and once in a while you get a real fire in the sky sort of effect.  But it’s always pretty.  And, as usual, just as I concluded that I ought to go, that this was all the color I was going to see, the heron came to start his day.  Plus a friendly fisherman to chat with.  Nice start to the day.


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Dog Park Saturday…

A while ago I had the thought that the dog park might yield some good photo ops, but today was the first time I actually went there.  Turned out to be a pretty good idea.  Except for the fact that when I got there several of the dogs were so enthusiastic about having their picture taken that they jumped all over me.  I wore muddy paw prints from that point on, but that probably made me fit in a little better.  I did ask the dog owners for permission to take pictures, they were fine with it.  I didn’t take Ozzie and Zoe with me because I didn’t think I could manage them and the camera.  Maybe next time I’ll be brave enough to bring them, or not…

1028dogpark111028dogpark91028dogpark81028dogpark71028dogpark41028dogpark11028dogpark51028dogpark6I loved this old golden girl.  I tried to catch her walking but I wasn’t quick enough and she didn’t get up.  She was very overweight, and with her white muzzle and her very bow-legged front legs I have to assume she is old.  Like me.  I was inert for the last couple of years, but this old girl has learned some new tricks.  Well, not really, just getting more exercise, not drinking my calories, and lots of salad.  That was advice from someone I spoke with recently.  Seems to be working.  Maybe our golden girl here ought to try it…

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Sunset for the birds…

Maybe it was the colder air, or the relentless wind, but the sunset on Wednesday night was all about the birds.  I was nearly the only shivering person on the beach, but there were more than the usual amount of birds.


But it is about the sunset and that didn’t disappoint.  I appreciate that our cold snaps don’t usually last longer than a day or two.  I was freezing.  It seems that if I don’t go out for the sunset then the tease that I can see out my front windows looks like the one I didn’t see was the most gorgeous sunset in a long while.  Like now, darn it.  But here is Wednesday’s sunset.




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Fall leaves…

1025fallleaf2We are having some blissfully cool weather here on the Nature Coast the last couple of days.  Enough so that I decided to walk the dogs yesterday after work, which made them happy, but I was glad I did also.  Glad because I had totally forgotten about the huge fallen leaves I always see this time of year when we pass this corner.  And even though I didn’t anticipate it there it was, just waiting for me.  The most perfect leaf on the ground, pretty color, just enough curl to it to crunch it underfoot in one stomp.  And I did.  Stomp it I mean.  And as soon as I did it I realized that I should have taken a picture, because I knew I couldn’t resist talking about it.  There is something soul satisfying to hear that crunch as you step on a leaf.  It’s not something I’ve had much opportunity to do in my adult years, but when I do I turn back into a 7 year old walking up South Street in Brockton, MA, heading to Huntington Elementary.  I used to take great pleasure in crunching every leaf in my path, and there was no shortage of them on South St.  I’ve actually condensed the memory into thinking that I was crunching through the leaves on the first day of school, but that doesn’t seem likely as I think about it.  Doesn’t matter.  That sound does my heart good.  I’m off today so the dogs will get another walk, or two, and I can’t wait to crunch a few more leaves.




More from the Nature Coast…

I’m cheating a little here, but there were more photos from our photo extravaganza yesterday and I decided that writing a second post would be a really good idea.  For me I mean, just in case.  Today is a longer work day for me and I can’t count on getting out later.  And, seriously, I need to clean the house.

We are into a chilly spell here in Florida.  You can tell this because I’m sitting on the lanai as I write this at 5:30 AM, and I had to put a little sweatshirt on.  I have been so waiting for this weather.  I can go out and work on weeding the front yard, in the sun, in the middle of the day!  I can clean out the garage, which is stuffed full of things I ‘cleaned out’ of the house, and that’s as far as they got.  This weather is why I live here, and while I may fantasize about all the places I might live, or at least visit, it’s why I’ll probably stay put.  But as they say, never say never…




I think the little turtle has a twinkle in his eye!