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My little friend Mary Ann used to dictate what Mass I went to on the weekend.  I would bring communion to her afterwards, and with her illness the timing was tricky.  I used to like the 7:15 Mass on Sunday morning since I’m up early whether I have to work or not.  But that would have me arriving during Mary Ann’s Mass on TV, and I didn’t want to disrupt her routine.  And when I discovered the 5:30 PM Mass on Sunday, which is the young people’s Mass, I really liked that one, but that would have me arriving at Mary Ann’s house too late for her.  So we settled on 4 PM Mass on Saturday for most of the time that I knew her.

Now I’ve rediscovered the 5:30 Mass.  I love seeing the young people serving in all the roles during Mass, and the music, the music is so upbeat.  But what I like the most about it is when they sing a version of Leonard Cohen’s Alleluia.  Hearing that at Mass yesterday reminded me of a video I saw a few years ago of kids from PS22 on Staten Island singing that same version of Alleluia.  I believe it went viral so you may have seen it. I loved it, and followed the links in YouTube to see more of their songs and read about their amazing teacher.  I hope the link works in WordPress and that you also like it.

3 thoughts on “Alleluia”

  1. When I was working as a visiting nurse, I would often arrive during the tv mass, usually because the patient’s caregiver forgot about it when I scheduled the appointment. If possible, I would sit and listen with them. I enjoyed the surprise moment of reflection, rare for most hectic work days. It also happened that a Eucharistic Minister would pop in during my scheduled time. Again, I got to enjoy a moment of prayer and reflection with them. Thanks for sparking those good memories.

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