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I so looked forward to last weekend.  I had remembered to look up the tides in order to see when I might run into low tide at sunset, and this weekend was one of those times.  I’ve only happened across low tide at sunset once, and it was totally by accident.  But the beautiful colors of the sunset reflected down the water and continued onto the wet sand, and I was in awe.  Plus lots of people in silhouette to include in the photos also, yup, it was going to be great, I thought.  Except it was just too cloudy, the sun couldn’t break through enough to send even a hint of pink into the sky.  I wanted to walk on the wet sand, expecting to see little critters you wouldn’t see other wise.  I think I pictured little crabs scooting along the sand sideways.  But the best I could do was a baby jellyfish, which, after it was pointed out to me by another bystander, creeped me out, and walking on that wet sand bare-footed didn’t seem like quite as good of an idea as it had up until then.

The dolphins were back though, and pelicans, both of which can’t be counted on to see every time I’m there, and my favorite little birds, bouncing along on the sand.  I spoke with a mother visiting with her two grown daughters.  They swam with manatees at Crystal River earlier, and were enjoying the dolphins we were seeing together.  And while I was disappointed in the sunset the mom said that she called her husband and told him that she wasn’t going home, she wanted to live here, it was just so perfect.  Which is what I say every time I visit someplace new.  I suppose it’s all in your perspective isn’t it?

I guess they weren’t kidding about sharp objects in the water.  And this dolphin was on the hunt, not just cruising around.  He kept reversing direction and then lots of action.101wedding#2

And another wedding, right there on the beach.  So sad for her that the sunset wasn’t prettier.