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Small World…

I probably shouldn’t admit it, but bugs aren’t really my thing. I shouldn’t admit it because on Sunday I went back to the Chinsegut Conservation Center for their Small World Photography Exhibit. The photos were taken by the members of ‘my’ photo group, where we have all learned how to get the best images possible out of our cameras from Alice Mary Herden of Creative-Nature-Photgraphy.com. They took many hikes to find and photograph all the interesting critters to be found there. Personally, I wimped out on most of the hikes, mostly because of work, but even if I was off the relentless heat this summer was enough to keep me inside. But I was in awe of the beautiful images and interesting insects they found.

Fall Exhibit | Small World

But one of the fun things I look for when I go to Chinsegut for classes is a pasture I pass that commonly houses donkeys, goats, sheep, and cows. But not all at the same time, or I don’t think so. Those animals have so much personality, just aim a camera at them, you’ll see.


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