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Getting there…

Two nights ago I went out for the sunset and didn’t realize until I got there that not only was my phone battery in the red, but so was my camera battery. And the spare wasn’t in the bag. I did get several shots of a new-to-me seagull with a very distinctive bill, but that was it. I’m seldom disappointed in a trip out, but I was that night.



Then there was last night’s sunset expedition. It was raining as I drove to Pine Island, and I told myself I was nuts for going. I made the right turn onto the little road that dead ends at the beach, the one that snakes along with water on both sides. By now it was torrential rain and even the fastest setting of the windshield wipers weren’t enough to allow me to see clearly. But what I did see was a sign on the side of the road that announced ‘road under water’. Now I was scared. The road wasn’t underwater but the water on each side seemed level with the road, and with it raining as hard as it was I didn’t know how long it would take to actually be underwater. And I was afraid to try to turn around on that little road, so I kept driving. And driving. But then I saw a bit of extra pavement on the right side of the road that gave me the extra room to dare to reverse myself, so I did. And after I did I found myself driving through much less rainfall, and the clouds ahead were breaking up, with patches of blue, and I thought the sunset might not be a wash after all. So when I got to the stop sign at the end of that little road I took a right and headed to Bayport. It wasn’t the greatest sunset, but nice folks to talk with, and I quickly forgot how much trouble I was afraid I was in just a little while before. I really need a Keeper.