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Hijacked sunset…

You never know what a trip out for the sunset will reveal.  Tuesday night I was delighted to see a little boy racing all over Pine island in order to send the seagulls into the air.  My dog Zoe would have loved to have been part of that.  I was delighted because I knew that it was going to give me lots of photos to share.  But when another, much more experienced photographer than I am arrived, his take on it was that he thought it would be great if the seagulls started chasing the boy.  He says there are laws against disturbing  birds in their natural environment.  I didn’t know that.


The terns are my favorites.  They chose a spot to stand that had them getting splashed as the waves crashed over the seawall, but they stood their ground.


I did get an education on seagulls.  The laughing seagull, the ‘usual’ one I think, and the skimmer, with the orange bill.  They feed by skimming along the water with their lower bill in the water until they catch something.  1010seagullsBut I can’t forget the sunset. After all, that was supposed to be the main event.