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Scouting for eagles…

I asked an acquaintance for advice on sites I might try for different photo ops.  Like eagles, I said.  Their suggestion took me by surprise, they said to go to the Brooksville (FL) landfill to photograph eagles.

The workers at the landfill office didn’t seem overly surprised when I said why I was there, and they gave me an orange vest and asked that I put it on if I got out of my car.  Their directions were a little vague, and I had to return to the office for more help before I found the road that they had directed me to.  I parked in a turn out area near a retention pond, and looked around.  It took me a second to see them, eagles, high in the trees.  Three of them, in three different trees, but all just as far away.1010distanceeagle

The distance tested the limits of my zoom, and I couldn’t help but be disappointed.  I had hoped for a closer image.  I was there around 9 AM and found myself shooting into the sun so I’ll try again but later in the day next time.  And after a few minutes of focusing on them they all three took to the air.  I guess a predator knows when he is being watched.  I stayed an hour or so, and during that time the sky was full of eagles.  Again, too high in the sky for really nice shots.  I guess I was a little disappointed on the one hand, but I had come for eagles and I certainly got to see some.


Plus the little red bird.  I had taken the picture but there was a lot of reflection from the sun off of the bolts on that round structure she was sitting on, so I didn’t expect a decent image.  I’m told that this is a female grackle.  I’m glad she was there and that I got at least one good close up that day.1011redbird