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Beach girls…

When I made the Beach boys post I also made one of beach girls, but something was missing.  This morning I remembered this old photo of myself, my daughter, and my grandmother at Duxbury Beach, MA.  There are very few photos of my grandmother so each is a treasure, and this is more playful than many I’ve seen.  Duxbury beach itself is a favorite of mine also.  I took Charley there once and he was singularly unimpressed, what with the rocks that had been deposited by a recent storm.  No, not the vast expanse of white sandy beach that he was used to, but still and always a favorite place of my childhood.  I once told him that I wanted my ashes sprinkled on Duxbury beach, and it still seems like a good idea.  Life was uncomplicated back then…

I snuck a couple of my granddaughters in there too.  And then there is this last picture, taken at Hudson Beach when I was there for the sunset.  I was practicing ‘street photography’ with my iPhone when I caught this image.  It just so happened to be election night, and once I got home and found out how the election was going I had to connect this photo with what Hilary must have been feeling at that same moment.


5 thoughts on “Beach girls…”

  1. I never saw that photo of you Heather and our grandmother. Such a great memory for you. I remember the year Dawn stayed at Duxbury with you, mom and dad. I remember Aunt Lena at their cottage at Duxbury . A good memory for me. She was a favorite of me.


  2. Duxbury Beach is my favorite spot too, much of our childhood was spent playing, exploring, swimming, and loving each other on Duxbury Beach. Just this summer my sweet sister and brother in law took me to Duxbury Beach for dinner and sunset. It was a full harvest moon and it was bright pink!!! So gorgeous!!! It warms my heart to know that both our ashes will someday Be Duxbury Beach!! I love you, Sue!

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