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Ruddy Turnstone…

Ruddy Turnstone, sounds like the name of the detective in a mystery novel, doesn’t it?  Turns out it’s this little shore bird that was very, very busy while I was out for the sunset the other night.  It’s a little thing, and a birder/photographer I was talking with one day said that I had missed the Sanderlings that were there recently on a night that I hadn’t gone out.  So I had been snapping photos like crazy thinking that this little bird was the one he was talking about.  He and his wife came along later and said no, and identified this one for me.  I double checked him in an app I just downloaded called Merlin, and sure enough, it instantly identified this bird.  It identifies birds by description or by photo, and I hope it will help to keep me from embarrassing myself with my lack of knowledge of even the most common birds.  And the Sanderlings that I was thinking that this one might be?  They make this bird look big, I’m told.  I’ll be on the lookout.

I finally got a male boat-tailed grackle to pose for me also.  That took some doing.  Going out for the sunset is always a pleasure…

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