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Dog Park Saturday…

A while ago I had the thought that the dog park might yield some good photo ops, but today was the first time I actually went there.  Turned out to be a pretty good idea.  Except for the fact that when I got there several of the dogs were so enthusiastic about having their picture taken that they jumped all over me.  I wore muddy paw prints from that point on, but that probably made me fit in a little better.  I did ask the dog owners for permission to take pictures, they were fine with it.  I didn’t take Ozzie and Zoe with me because I didn’t think I could manage them and the camera.  Maybe next time I’ll be brave enough to bring them, or not…

1028dogpark111028dogpark91028dogpark81028dogpark71028dogpark41028dogpark11028dogpark51028dogpark6I loved this old golden girl.  I tried to catch her walking but I wasn’t quick enough and she didn’t get up.  She was very overweight, and with her white muzzle and her very bow-legged front legs I have to assume she is old.  Like me.  I was inert for the last couple of years, but this old girl has learned some new tricks.  Well, not really, just getting more exercise, not drinking my calories, and lots of salad.  That was advice from someone I spoke with recently.  Seems to be working.  Maybe our golden girl here ought to try it…

2 thoughts on “Dog Park Saturday…”

  1. I love being privy to your daily activities, but most of all to your thoughts, your wisdom!! You have a very down-to-earth philosophy about life and connections to nature!! You are a good ecoessayist!!

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