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Low tide…

It kind of smelled, low tide did.  I feel disloyal saying that because you ought to know by now that I love Pine Island.  But last Monday night it smelled, I can’t deny it.  I heard one guy explaining to his kids that it ‘dried up’.  He didn’t know why it dried up, he said, but it dried up.  For once I kept my mouth shut.

I wasn’t going to go out, especially with a Great Blue heron and a hawk to take pictures of right in the back yard, not to mention watching the Little Blue Heron with his lunch.  But I’m really restless lately and most of the time I can’t resist going out.

1030lunchonthelake1030blueheron1030hawkBut at Pine Island you always have Grackles, in the palms or this time on the beach with their nice reflections.  I wonder if the ‘crows’ I see in my back yard are actually grackles.  I’ll have to take a picture and ask Merlin about that.

1030gracklereflections1030grackleinpalmAnd the sunset, always the sunset.  And the light reflecting off the moon.  The moon has been pretty lately.  I’m glad I went out…


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