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Lounging at the beach…

Surely you’ve seen these inflatable loungers online somewhere.  I know that I had, but I’m not sure where.  Just something that showed up on Facebook for some random reason maybe.  That lime green color is what made it stand out as the first thing I noticed when I got to Pine Island last night.  So I did my usual thing and took a sneak photo.  But then I remembered the tightrope walkers so I walked over to these two young people to ask them if the loungers are as comfy and easy to maneuver as they were advertised to be.  The were so friendly, and the gal hopped up and insisted that I sit in it.  I told her that if I did I’d surely be stuck, so she said she’d help me up.  Turns out it is comfy.  And they have taken them into the water and floated on them too.  Then I got a demo of how to fill them with air.  And yes, she helped me up, but I  could have just rolled out and onto my hands and knees to get up so I wouldn’t have been stuck forever.  What a fun idea.  I never asked if they’d blow away if they both had gotten up to take a swim.  I guess you could weigh them down.  What a nice young couple they were.


And of course there was a photo shoot going on while we were talking and waiting for the sunset.  Because it seems there always is.


Then when I was concentrating on the sunset another photographer beside me struck up a conversation.  She and her husband are full time RVers, and have been for 12 years now.  They had come to Spring Hill to check on her mother who had Alzheimer’s, and found that they couldn’t leave.  So they sold their campground in Maine and moved here.  After her mother died they weren’t sure what they wanted to do next, and mom’s house sold in one day, but that was during the real estate boom, so they were homeless, sort of. They heard of a camper that had been fixed up for someone who then couldn’t buy it, and that’s how they became RVers.  They also had lived on a sailboat at some point and said that they sailed it from FL to VT.  I said wait a minute, VT isn’t on the water.  They used the lock system!  What an interesting life.  I asked them to adopt me but they declined.  It seems the Pine Island never disappoints.


Next time I’m shooting a sunset and can’t decide if I want to include the clouds or the foreground I’ll try to remember to try a vertical panoramic shot on my phone.

4 thoughts on “Lounging at the beach…”

  1. Thought I might like one of those loungers for my porch. I would just get up when no one was watching! Love the shot with the birds! My coffee and my blog read….great way to start a day!

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