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Merlin says…

Merlin is the new man in my life.  I ask him questions every day, and he answers me!  I get to identify birds and not necessarily admit that I didn’t have a clue what bird it was in the first place.  Like the seagulls, which I thought was what all those birds at Pine Island are.  Seagulls, generic name for all of them.  But no, we have Laughing gulls, 115laughinhgullWillets, 115willwtSkimmers, 115skimmersand Ruddy Turnstones.  1029RuddyTurnstone2I hear my photographer friends pointing out different gulls to each other, so I took some of my photos and brought them into Merlin to find out what they were.  I’m sure there are more, Merlin and I are on the case.

And in the yard I have the bluejays, which I didn’t need Merlin to identify, 115bluejayand the Bluejay was what got me out there taking pictures yet again the other day.  But it was the pursuit of this cute little yellow bird that got me into deep doo-doo.  Literally.  You wouldn’t think that a pile of mastiff poop would be hard to spot would you?  115tuftedtitmouse115tuftedtitmouse2A Tufted Titmouse!  It’s so cute and tiny.  Supposed to be common too, so I guess I just never paid attention before.  Taking time to smell the roses, and other not so pleasant smells…115sunset

And the sunset, of course…

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