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Amazing birds…

Over the last two nights I’ve taken over 500 photos, and most of them were blurry.  Was it the wind, or the fact that I was freezing in the wind?  I know that the birds I was interested in seeing weren’t standing on the sand, they were standing on floating sea weed at the shore, and they were in motion with the tide.  That’s my excuse anyhow.  But I went back again tonight in hopes of getting more photos of the two birds which were new to me.  The first was the American Avocet…

116AmericanAvocet2116AmericanAvocetThe stripes were what made me notice them, and their beak was what made me sure I hadn’t seen them before.  According to Merlin they swing their beak back and forth in shallow water in search of invertebrates.  They do not breed in FL but do frequent the coast.  There were only four of them, and when I went back a second night to try to see them they weren’t there.

Then we have the Dunlin…


Merlin identified them even though the photo isn’t great.  But I doubted the ID because the photo they showed didn’t look like this plain little bird.  But on reading further this is their non breeding plumage.  And again, they weren’t there tonight.

And since one of the few nice photos I got was of another laughing gull.  I had to include it because it’s so pretty.  At least I think so.


I can see how people become so interested in birds, they are amazing.


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