Jenkin’s Creek…

I know a Wood Stork when I see one, but only because of the Florida Birds Facebook page.  I hadn’t seen one in person until today, and never expected to see one so close-up.  But there were two of them on the pier at Jenkin’s Creek, hanging out with the fishermen, looking for a hand-out.  Well, I thought there were two of them until I looked across the inlet and saw the dead tree with the wood storks perched there.  One was clacking his beak together, possibly not happy with me for zeroing in on him.  You could hear the clacking, I took it as a warning.  I have noticed that birds seem to sense your interest in them as you focus with the camera, and not seem to like it.  Very odd looking bird to me.  You have to wonder what Mother Nature was thinking when she gave him a plucked head.  Not much in nature seems to be wasted so I’ll give her credit for having her reasons.  Wikipedia says that they are the only stork to breed in North America, breeding in Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina, and a recent discovery in North Carolina.


And then there is the Black Vulture.  I was curious to see what Merlin would say this bird was.  They have white patches on the underside of their wingtips, said Merlin, and I realize that they are the soaring birds I see so often and hope for a second that they are eagles.


I went out for the sunrise yesterday morning and didn’t take a single picture.  It was too overcast, and I hardly saw any sunshine all day.  Gloomy day, gloomy looking birds, kind of gloomy mood.  Just one of those days…

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