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Sunday sunrise…

Do you see the eagle in the feature photo?  I saw that there was a bird in the top of the trees across from Bayport, so of course I took a picture.  And I can enlarge it enough that I can see the white head of an eagle, but not clearly.  It’s amazing how quickly a 300mm lens seems to be not enough.  Sigh.

But the sunrise tried, it really did.  After two gloomy days the clouds didn’t seem as overwhelming, so I headed out in hopes of a pretty sunrise display, but it really didn’t get more colorful than this.


I turned to check the reflected light from the sunrise and was surprised to realize that the Great Blue heron, my usual sunrise partner, had arrived.  He was quiet, unlike the grackles who arrived in one fell swoop, squawking all the while.



The heron walked along the sidewalk to the spot where I normally take my sunrise photos, and then flew across the water and posed nicely for me.


When I got home I found a Sandhill crane lounging on the lawn across the street, and he was soon joined by two more.  I’m seeing them more often lately, after a few months of not seeing many at all.  I hope that means they’ll be nesting on the lake again this year.  Something to look forward to…