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Charley’s Birthday Sunset…

The seagulls were squabbling amongst themselves last night.  They would fill the air, swirling this way and that, all seeming to be chasing one gull who apparently had absconded with a tasty morsel.  I hadn’t witnessed that before.

All in all it was a very nice sunset last night, for Charley’s 69th birthday.  But it was the afterglow that was really spectacular, which seems to be a theme lately.  I watched the sunset, and then I watched the colors fill the sky afterwards, but the wind was blowing and I was beginning to get cold so I started heading up the beach toward the car.  Once you look away it seems you can’t resist looking back to see what you are missing, and when I looked back to check the sky it was so beautiful that I had to go back and watch. And take more pictures.  Then I headed for the car a second time, and again, I had to go back for more pictures.  Every time you look away, and then look again, it seems as if the colors have gotten even more spectacular.  I’m not sure that that’s really true, maybe that quickly you forget how intense the colors are and then are surprised when you look again.  It’s hard to tear yourself away, even from the parking lot I had to go back again.  A nice birthday sunset…

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