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Birds on the Beach…

It was all about the birds on Thursday.  The heron at the sunrise and lots of birds at Pine Island later on. As soon as you head toward the beach you pass the picnic tables and the dripping faucet that the grackles enjoy.  I wonder if they let the dripping continue just for the sake of the birds.  As soon as one bird left another one took it’s place.  1116sunsetdrip1116drip2 Then as I walked down to the water the reflections of the birds was what caught my attention.  The light must have been perfect because the reflections certainly were.


I thought this bird was very pretty, so I asked the Merlin app what bird it is, and Merlin isn’t sure.  It said that it might be another Laughing Gull, but it might be something called a Red Knot.  All these birds can look entirely different when they are a breeding population as opposed to a non breeding population.  Red Knots are rare, which makes me think that’s not what this is, but I’ll check with the Florida Bird Facebook group. Whatever it is it’s pretty!

1116redknot2 I love looking at all the birds and noticing their differences now that I’ve learned to identify the few that I know.  But there are so many more to learn!