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The Green Flash…

Living alone, wouldn’t you think day to day life would be argument free? Provided I can keep my mouth shut at work, which seems to be harder and harder for me. Nope, I argue every day. Sometimes with Ozzie who pesters me to go out, usually when I have just thought of something interesting to Google, or a bill I have to pay, or I’ve started writing an email or blog post. And always when the HGTV show I’m watching is about to show the big reveal. He has impeccable timing. And ten or so minutes later he usually wants to go out again, but I don’t argue with him then because that’s usually when he poops, so I ought to be glad he asks to go out.
But mostly I argue with myself. Last night I told myself I wasn’t going out for the sunset. I had worked late again, and way too hard, again, and I had walked the dogs as soon as I got home, so I deserved to flop. But I lost the argument and went out, because, I told myself, I spend entirely too much time by myself. Consequently I got to Pine Island in time for the sunset but not much time for anything else. It was quiet though, maybe the weddings and tightrope walkers are a summer phenomenon.
But I did take pictures trying to see what a young gal at Treasure Island had told me about. The green flash, it’s supposed to happen at sunset, just as the sun kisses the water. That’s how I understood it anyhow, so I always took picture after picture as the sun is getting ready to ‘touch down’. This morning I finally looked it up and it’s a real thing, but I totally misunderstood the timing. As the sun is sinking into the water, getting ready to disappear, refracted light causes a green color at the edge of the sun. When the sun finally sets the green outline around the sun becomes a green line across the water for a second. There was a video on YouTube (of course). It will help to now know what I’m really looking for, but I’m sure it will be a surprise if it ever happens. These photos are the sun as it was setting, when I was hoping to see the green flash. Now I have another reason to continue to go out for the sunset…

1117first1117five341117sunset41117last photo

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