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The Florida Sky…

We bought our house in 2005, but didn’t actually move to Florida permanently until 2008.  That means we made many trips down from Maryland, and we always hated to leave and go back.  One of the things that I would notice as we made the drive ‘home’ was all the palm trees.  I never got tired of looking at them.  But the sky was the most amazing thing to notice.  Was it bluer?  Is it just that Florida is flat so somehow the sky seemed bigger?  I never stopped appreciating the sky, and I guess I still love it since I enjoy the sunset and sunrise so much.

I took the feature photo during the dog walk yesterday.  The term ‘cotton candy clouds’ came to mind.  It was so pretty, and I knew that if those sorts of clouds were in the sky at Pine Island then they would reflect the light of the sunset beautifully.  Not that I really need an excuse to go out for the sunset.

1120sunset11120sunset21120sunset41120sunset61120sunset31120sunset71120sunset51120lastsunsetphotoNo green flash though.  And the last photo, taken from the parking lot as I had to tear myself away and go home.  Until the next one…

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