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I have made the same promise to myself over and over again, but I always seem to break it. I say that I will not do any online shopping at 4 AM anymore, because I have learned that my judgement is impaired, probably by lack of coffee. I seldom buy things and return them, but when I do return them they are often a 4 AM purchase.
My latest middle of the night purchase was a 500 mm camera lens, which included a few extras in the box, and a year of Amazon prime. And free shipping. I wasn’t expecting a lot since was only $89. And within days it was waiting for me when I dashed home at lunchtime to let the dogs out. I quickly put it on the camera body and went out back and took a few not-so-great photos, and I’ve been toying with the idea of sending it back ever since.
But I decided to take it out with me this afternoon, and bring the tripod because part of the problem with a zoom lens like that is holding it steady enough to keep the picture sharp. If I spent $13,000 (!) on one it would come with onboard stabilization, but since that’s not what I bought I assumed that this lens would require a tripod. Plus I had read the instructions by this time, and I was supposed to use manual mode. To test the lens I decided to go back to Jenkin’s Creek, in hopes of the eagle being across the way. It wasn’t, but the wood storks were back in their tree, along with a Blue heron, so I got lots of practice. But the no-see-ums were there also, so I moved on to Pine Island where I found new birds (to me), a pelican, and a very cute little boy.


The new birds were double crested cormorants.  I haven’t spotted them before.  I could see them well enough to know they were different, but I was disappointed in the photos.  Thankfully, Merlin recognized them despite not being a great photo.1124cormorant

This cute little guy was very far away, I’m most impressed with the amount of zoom based on these photos.  1124littleboy31124littleboy21124littleboy1

Did I forget the sunset?  Of course not, but took this with my iPhone.  And as the sun set the horizon seemed to be on fire until nothing was left but the burning coals effect.  Another nice night, and with the time change I’m home by 6:30.  Nice for an early riser like me.  Are the photos tack sharp? No they aren’t. But did I have $89 worth of enjoyment out of it? Yes, I think I did…1124sunset1124burningcoals