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You can’t win ’em all…

I should be grateful that in the six months since the fateful class which resulted in this blog, that usually my photo shoots have resulted in something useable to write about.  Clearly I need to have something up my sleeve for the times when that doesn’t happen.  The above photo is what I found on each of my two days off, a fogged in sunrise.  The sun showed up eventually on both days, but not in time for a sunrise photo.


On Wednesday I gave up right away, disappointed in both the sunrise and also that the one footed Great Blue Heron didn’t show up either.  Maybe I gave up too early because he did show up yesterday, and allowed me to take multiple photos from a few angles without getting overly annoyed with me.

But I had been sitting in my car, facing the sunrise that didn’t happen, and was surprised to see that right across the bridge a fisherman had reeled in a net full of fish, so I asked if I could take pictures.  He was happy to oblige, and explained that he was after mullet, and he had a net full of them.  Plus one jack, which he was planning on throwing back since he wasn’t going to eat it.  Mullet are vegetarians I’m told, and therefore won’t be caught with a rod and reel.  But they sometimes churn up the water so that it looks like it’s boiling, and I suppose that how you get a net full.  I’m learning all sorts of interesting tidbits of information these days, but I’ll stick with photography, it’s less messy!