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Where’s Waldo…

I was hoping to see the Tri-colored Heron again, and I got my wish on Tuesday.  I saw him on the post, and brought my camera outside just in time to see him fly to the island in the middle of the lake.  The grasses out there are tall enough that he disappeared completely, and then you’d see his head pop up like a periscope.  I have read that they are a wading bird, and that thought sent off alarm bells in my head.  These pictures are taken right where the Sandhill Cranes nested last December.  I have to wonder if there is dry land enough out there for another nest this year.  I hope so.

So there I was, camera at the ready, and all I could see of him was his head, and I couldn’t see that all the time either.  But every few minutes he would pop up and fly a short distance and disappear again.  Evidently he didn’t want to make this easy for me.  He is so pretty though.  I decided that he really is a new comer, I couldn’t possibly have not noticed him if he’d been out there before.  How nice of him to join us.

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