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On the way…

We passed this pond every time we went to visit my son and daughter-in-law, Mike and Katie, for a lot of years.  And every time we did pass this pond it nearly took my breath away with how beautiful it was.  And if the dogs were with us, dogs being Zoe and Gleason for most of that time, and then Zoe and Ozzie, once we got to this pond Zoe knew for sure that we were going to their house and she could barely contain herself for the rest of the way.  Which wasn’t far, thank goodness.  But I never stopped to take a picture, I suppose I didn’t expect that heading to Mike’s house would one day be a 21 hour drive north.

After we bought our house with the pond in our back yard, and especially as we had only seen the place twice, plus the neighbor on the left side of our lake kept his yard like a park, I began to imagine that our pond looked like the pond on the way to Mike’s house.  Minus the fountain of course.  And alligators, no alligators in my pond, thank you very much.  But that pond never seems to have the algae that my pond does, I wonder how they keep that down?  At any rate it was a slight bit of disappointment when we settled on the house and I saw the pond again, and saw that it was much smaller, and quite a bit sadder, than the one on the way to Mike’s house.  Oh I love my pond, and I’m grateful to have it, especially after it dried up for a couple of years, but it would be nice…

So I recently found myself passing down this street again, and wishing that Mike still lived nearby, if only because I would have stopped in to use the bathroom.  But on the way home I stopped for pictures, since I don’t know when, or if, I’ll pass this way again…


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