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Bayport and more…

I planned to go to Bayport for the sunrise on Thursday morning, and I left in plenty of time, but as I was driving there I could see the red in the horizon and I was afraid I was missing it.  But I didn’t, it just continued to become more beautiful as time went on, a perfect sunrise.  The only thing missing was that Great Blue Heron that usually joins me.


I headed home and passed the turn for Jenkin’s Creek and thought to myself that I ought to stop there and see if anything was going on.  So I turned around and took the turn.  That proved to be a good choice because there was the eagle I keep hearing about, perched all by him or herself in what I think of as the woodstock tree.  I had been told that the eagle used to always be there but that the wood storks had taken that tree over.  Maybe there has been a change of command.   I have to say that even a majestic eagle looks a little silly when he scratches an itch.  How ironic to find an eagle by accident, so to speak, when I spent such a long time looking for one the day before.  I should have stuck with it a bit longer this morning because almost as soon as I put the camera down he took off.  I would have liked to get a photo of that also.  Maybe next time…