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To nest, or not to nest…

My new lens and extender had come too late on Monday to go out and take photos.  And Tuesday was accounted for with work and an appointment, so I told myself that I could wait until Wednesday, a day off, to go out and experiment with my new toys.

But Tuesday morning came and I  couldn’t resist going out into the fog to check out the new wide angle lens.  And I’m quite happy with it.


When I was finally home that day I thought I’d be able to wait to try the extender, but the dogs wanted to go out, and when we went out the back door we caused a ruckus out there.  The cranes were back.  I had been afraid that I had spoken too soon about the possible nesting activity out there, based on the fact that they hadn’t seemed to be around after I had taken pictures the other afternoon.  But there they were, and they seemed to be hard at work again.  But one of them stopped to pose, after the dogs were back in the house that is.  I thought that was nice of him.


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RAW vs. iPhone…

Sunday’s plan involved sunrise at Bayport, then breakfast at Panera, all leading up to church at 9, since I totally forgot to go the day before.  It was unusual to have two trucks parked in the little parking area when I got to Bayport, I’m usually the only one there.  Fishermen, I thought, and swung the car around to park facing the sunrise.  As has happened before the sky was already streaked with red, so I hurried out of the car with my iPhone to get a couple of photos in before I got the camera out.  That’s when I saw him, another photographer, with his tripod and camera set up along side the guard rail.  I was startled to see him, and I told him that I hadn’t seen him when I pulled in.  He said that I drove right past him, and I repeated that I had never seen him.  And that’s what had startled me, the thought of just how close did I come to hitting him?  My father once told me an inch is as good as a mile, so I guess it was okay, but alarming.

I don’t know how long he had been there, this other photographer, but he already had his camera recording a photo every 5 seconds.  I asked if he combined them into a video, and he said that he did that sometimes, and posted them on YouTube.  He seemed  excited to talk and told me how great it was to see the particular rays radiating from the sun, which wasn’t actually up yet.  I tried to see what he meant but I’m not sure I did.  He told me what those rays are called, and I said I’d have to Google them, and I would if I could remember now what he said that they were.  He then raved about his camera, that he said has a 2000mm zoom.  He once caught the rings of Saturn in a photo, he said.  He was on to the subject of Copernicus and the curvature of the earth when I had to leave.  Not the quiet, solitary sunrise I’m used to.

So, more RAW photos.  I made my edit preset and then applied it to 63 photos all at once. I thought some came out a little over done, but that’s probably operator error.  There is a learning curve after all.  Like the curvature of the earth maybe.

1218sunrise31218sunrisecrane1218sunrise41218sunrise21218sunrise1And now for the iPhone.  I have ordered a wide angle lens for the camera, and I hope it compares with the wide angle the iPhone gives me.  If not for the zoom I’d have to say that the iPhone holds it’s own very well.  It’s an excellent camera.  And they say that the very best camera is the one you have with you!