birds, Cranes, Florida wildlife, nature, nesting, photography

To nest, or not to nest…

My new lens and extender had come too late on Monday to go out and take photos.  And Tuesday was accounted for with work and an appointment, so I told myself that I could wait until Wednesday, a day off, to go out and experiment with my new toys.

But Tuesday morning came and I  couldn’t resist going out into the fog to check out the new wide angle lens.  And I’m quite happy with it.


When I was finally home that day I thought I’d be able to wait to try the extender, but the dogs wanted to go out, and when we went out the back door we caused a ruckus out there.  The cranes were back.  I had been afraid that I had spoken too soon about the possible nesting activity out there, based on the fact that they hadn’t seemed to be around after I had taken pictures the other afternoon.  But there they were, and they seemed to be hard at work again.  But one of them stopped to pose, after the dogs were back in the house that is.  I thought that was nice of him.


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