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Got my wish…

It wasn’t my wish to see a Northern Mockingbird, but this one flew into my shot so I figured he wanted his picture taken.  And I obliged.

No, I had seen bluebirds when I walked the dogs, and ever since I got the 600mm lens I’d been wanting to take more photos of them.  They were around the corner from my house, on the electrical wires as they always seem to be.  So I got the camera ready with the big lens and extender, and loaded all my equipment into my car.  While I was out I thought I’d drive around until I found something photo worthy.  Then I opened the garage door and there were the bluebirds, right out front of my house as they frequently are.  But I’m not usually all ready with the camera.  They always seem to retreat into the trees right across the street from my house, I suspect they nest there.  One of them stuck around while I got set up.  And peered at me curiously like he was wondering what I was doing.  I might go out for the sunset later on, but the cute little bluebird made my day.


This is the cutest little bird ever.  I’ll take his picture anytime I get the chance…

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