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Sandhill cranes…

The featured photo, above, may or may not be the first photo I took with my Canon DSLR when I got it.  It’s dated December 29, 2016, and it’s the earliest one that I saved.  I had the new camera and was dying to use it, and right out back what did I see but the cranes out there.  And I was thrilled with my 300mm lens that let me get a closer look.  Despite the fact that I think I’ve taken pictures nearly every day since I got the camera, I’m still a beginner.  And now I’m learning to use Lightroom to edit and that will make looking back on old favorite photos a little depressing, because they could have been so much better.  I did reedit this photo, I couldn’t help myself.  But I wanted to say that when I took this picture I had no idea that the Sandhill cranes would bring me such enjoyment as I watched the family grow.

I suppose they will be constant visitors again now, what with the nest out back and all.  They came back yesterday just as I was thinking that if I was going out for the sunset then I had better get going.  But instead I went out back and watched one of them wade over to the island, the site of last year’s nest.  Eventually it flew over and joined the other one who was hard at work tidying the current nest.  We should have a bird’s eye view when they do lay eggs.  Here we go again…


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