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Happy New Year…

… from The Lucky Dill.  A friend threw me a curve ball yesterday.  She didn’t mean to, she just mentioned that her grandmother had a superstition concerning New Years Eve.  Be careful what you do that day, she said, because whatever you do on New Year’s Eve you are destined to do all through the new year.  That gave me pause.

So I went out for photo ops all day, and it makes me happy to think that I’ll be doing that all this coming year.  But except for the sunrise the rest of my photos aren’t keepers, none of them.  Let’s hope that that isn’t a sign of what’s to come.

And Charley has been on my mind lately, nice memories.  So I decided to buy him a corned beef sandwich from the Lucky Dill.  I asked for it fatty, just like he liked it from Harry Atman’s in Baltimore.  Nothing ever was quite as good as Atman’s, but this is the best in the area.  It’s not the corned beef sandwiches that I want to keep coming in 2018, I don’t actually like them all that much.  No, I need to be thankful for all the love I’ve given and received in my life, and for the memories that will keep me warm in the new year…


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Gloomy sunrise…

It’s not as if I expected a great sunrise.  It was very gloomy at home, but since I have driven to Bayport before and found it to be clear right there at the water, off I went.  Not on Thursday though, there was no color in the sunrise at all.  But my new routine when I go to Bayport is to swing past Jenkin’s Creek on the way home to see if I can spot an eagle.  And while I haven’t found an eagle at any other time of day, I’m batting 1000 for finding one at sunrise.  I tried to wait for him to fly away, or do something besides sit there and turn his head one way or the other, but it was cold and I gave up before anything happened.