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Editorially speaking…


My intention for this post was to take some of the photos from the sunset on the roof of the Clearwater main library, and show how a little bit of editing can bring the best out of a photo.  The photos above are the before and after of the same photo, and so are the two that follow.


In my iPhone classes I read that if you can tell a photo has been edited then you’ve done too much.  Less is more.  I like photos to represent what I saw as I took the picture.  But I also remember when our local TV station would show a viewer photo of the sunrise or sunset, and they were amazing.  A lot of my interest in trying to take better pictures stems from seeing those photos and wondering why my sunrise or sunset pictures didn’t look like that.  I didn’t know that with the iPhone you only had to tap the sky to set the focus for a sunset photo and it would be immensely better.  Then I discovered editing and had an aha moment.   Editing can’t save every photo, but it can improve most of them.  I’ve also been told that you be trying to get the perfect picture as you shoot it, and not expecting to ‘fix’ them in post processing. There is a definite learning curve and it takes time, but time is what I have the most of these days.  Or I think I do anyhow…


This is the original of the feature photo.  Like I said, subtle editing.  Wait ’til I learn to use the masking tool…





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