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It’s not unusual for the dogs to want to go out at 4 AM, but was unusual that it was so light out on Wednesday morning that I didn’t need to turn on the outside light to see them wandering out back.  The moon was big and beautiful, and straight up overhead.  Once it occurred to me that I hadn’t attempted a moon photo since I got the 600mm lens and extender I just had to try it.  Here I’ve been complaining about the cold, and yet I didn’t even notice the cold while I was taking pictures out there.  It was 30 degrees out, according to Siri, but with no wind it didn’t feel so bad.  Or I was so distracted by trying to get the tripod to point straight up that I didn’t notice.

Since that went well I was off to Bayport for the sunrise a little later, and found it to be so windy and cold that I got right back into the car and didn’t take any pictures at all.  Instead I headed to Jenkin’s Creek where the birds were no where to be seen.  So much for always finding an eagle at sunrise.  But at least I have my best moon photo so far…

1-4moonshot2 copy2

The featured photo is one I took quite a while ago and finally decided to see what I could do with it.  The moon was blown out, and I always seem to try to include branches or something besides just the moon in my moon photos, but it honestly doesn’t work well.  I guess the camera wants you to focus on one or the other.  But I liked this picture so I took it into an app called Distressed Effects and played around until I came up with this image.  I have a lot of photo editing apps that I never use anymore.  I’ve often thought that it might be fun to choose a single picture and put it through all the apps that I have to see what I could do with them.  If this cold snap continues to keep me inside I might just try it.

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