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The fun of it…

Don’t let the sunshine in the photos fool you, it was freezing out.  By Florida standards at least.  I wasn’t able to stay at Bayport as long as I usually do, but it was mostly the wind that froze my fingers, and that was what got to me.  But for us winter will be over soon, and for that I’m appreciative.

It wasn’t the most spectacular sunrise, maybe that’s why I gave up so easily.  I warmed up on the drive to Jenkin’s Creek, and found an eagle.  But he was across the water and farther away than I’ve been lucky enough to see in him the past.  That was disappointing, but then he took to the sky.  The new zoom lens requires manual focus, and I couldn’t refocus fast enough as he flew, so every time I saw him in the lens I clicked a photo.  I’m amazed that any of them turned out.  When you go out for photos you just never know what you’ll get.  But that’s the fun of it…

1-5bridge copy1-5eagle1 copy1-5eagleflies copy1-5eagleflies2 copy1-5eagleflies3 copy

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