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Good morning…

How amazing is it when you look out back and discover that the sunrise has delivered itself to you?  So you take a picture even though you had decided not to go out for the sunrise that morning.  And not too long after that the Sandhill cranes start calling you.  Do they think you might give them food?  I hope not because I know not to do that.  Maybe they were warning me not to let the dogs out because they were right in my backyard.  I don’t know if these are the same cranes as last year, but I do know that one day I let the dogs out, not knowing that they were out there, and I heard the cranes scolding them.  Zoe, in particular, came running home like someone was chasing her.  And when I looked to see where the cranes had flown  to I discovered that they hadn’t flown at all, apparently they had stood their ground.  No wonder Zoe didn’t know what to make of that situation, she loves to run and make the birds fly, and that was probably the first time they ignored her.  We both are losing our touch in our old age…1-6sandhill1 copy1-6sandhill6 copy1-6sandhill copy1-6sandhill4 copy1-6sandhill5 copy


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