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Black and White Warbler…

I’m not sure if this was a new bird out back, or just a new bird to me, but he was flitting from tree to tree out there despite the fence being installed just a few feet away.  And they had a fire pit going also, but the smoke didn’t seem to bother him either.  I don’t think I’ve seen these black and white markings before.1-13birdie copy1-13birdie2 copyThose are my only new photos today, but I also worked on a couple of the eagle pictures from a few days ago.  That eagle was so cooperative, how could I resist?1-13eaglecloseup copy1-13eagle2 copyAnd I had Sandhill cranes as visitors to the backyard the other day also.  I had the 600mm lens on the camera and they were too close to me so getting a good picture wasn’t easy.  Plus my Adirondack chair was in the way, but they were doing a flirty little dance out there so I kept shooting rather than miss it.  1-13sandhillcrane copy1-13sandhillcrane3 copy1-13sandhillcrane4 copy1-13sandhillcrane2 copy

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