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Back on track…

1-15sunrise2 copyI went out for a Bayport sunrise the other day and it was pretty, but too cold.  I know you must be getting tired of hearing me say that.  But it was almost a relief that the above picture was as pretty as it got and I could stay in the car.  I have taken a picture of the sign that they have posted there before, but I never used it.  It looks like they are finally going to redo the fishing pier.  1-15billboard copyI’ve taken a lot of reflected sunrise photos at Bayport, I love the way all the channel markers sometimes look to be different colors and almost lit up in the morning light.  Not knowing anything about boating I had no idea what the markers actually indicated.  Now I see that it must be water depth because in all my trips to Bayport, for both sunrises and sunsets, I’ve never seen the water level be low enough for this sand bar to show.  1-15lowtide copy1-14littlebird copyBack in the yard this little bird was out there, teasing me, landing just long enough for me to find him with the camera but flitting off a few feet away before I could focus. This was the best I could do.  Merlin says it’s a Yellow-rumped Warbler.  I’ve probably seen all these little birds before, but finding them in the camera’s view finder is like looking through binoculars.  Now I actually see them.1-15sandhill1 copy1-15sandhill2 copyAnd the cranes were back out there last night.  They seem to have abandoned the mound that they worked so hard to build.  Unless of course this was a different pair. When I see Sandhill cranes around the neighborhood they seem to always be in pairs lately.  But what has struck me is that at least one of the pair looks to be on the small side.  The younger birds setting up housekeeping I guess.  This pair was out there on the original nesting spot from last year, making themselves at home.  At least I hope that’s what was going on…


4 thoughts on “Back on track…”

    1. You should have been out there with me just now. The sun on my back and shoulders felt like a massage. Blue sky, white clouds, 71 degrees! Heaven, and I’ll have a ‘rest of the story’ for the blog, plus a new bird… which I swear I just got an email about that said to be on the lookout for them. I didn’t know what to look for but Merlin keeps me in the know! Off to check on the eagles…


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