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Birds, and more birds…

It was the Sandhill cranes calling that got me outside to see what was happening on the lake.  I never did see the cranes, although I heard them calling, loudly.   Even so it was pleasant outside with the sun on my back and neck, warm after all my complaining about being too cold.  And to set the stage further, a neighbor off to my right has several yappy little dogs, and a rowdy little kid with a cap gun.  Every time said kid fired the cap gun the dogs yapped up a storm.  Just wanted you to have the whole picture.

First I saw the Palm Warbler, tiny though he is.1-16Palm Warbler2And the Little Blue Heron was on the post, nothing new there.  But he was minding his own business when the Tri-colored Heron booted him off and took the post over.  1-16littleblueheron copy1-16kickedout copy1-16tri-colorThe sun was pleasant while I watched.  And eventually I spotted a bird that didn’t look familiar, so I zoomed in for a closer look.1-16killdeer41-16killdeer3Merlin says it’s a Killdeer.  He was right on time since I got an emailed heads-up to look for them because they have arrived in our area.  Prompt little thing.

You may have had your doubts about Merlin’s identification of the Yellow-rumped Warbler, I know that I did. 1-16Yellow-rump21-16yellow-rumpedwarbler11-16Yellow-rump3 copy Let’s just say that I am convinced…

4 thoughts on “Birds, and more birds…”

  1. Wow….I actually knew the Killdeer. They nest on the ground so be careful with the dogs. We always have a few each spring that nest on the playground.😊

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  2. Good captures Sue! I see that Kathy gave you good advise about the possibility of nesting in that area. We got snow last night, it’s sunny right now but very cold that it’s not melting the snow. There are stores and work centers closed. Alas!

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    1. I wasn’t always a wimp about the cold weather, H.J. I loved being hunkered down, and the snow on the trees was so beautiful. It was the aftermath, shush in the city streets that froze to ice and made every trip out the door an adventure. We don’t have the wardrobe for the cold weather here, I’m sure that’s part of why we mind the cold so much. Siri said 28 degrees this morning.

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