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Hudson Beach plus eagles…

I got off work at 11 AM, walked the dogs, investigated the crane noises out back and took lots of pictures, and then thought, what next?  Well, I said to myself, you haven’t checked on the eagles lately.  So off I went.

I arrived a little after 4 PM, and found Mom, or Dad, on the nest, and I hoped that they would switch off soon.  In no time I saw the other eagle fly into the area and I zoomed in on the nest in anticipation of him landing there.  And I waited, and waited.  Even the on-duty parent got tired of waiting and started yelling.  Then she/he flew off the nest.  And still I waited, focused on the nest, hoping a chick would pop it’s head up.  That didn’t happen, but I swear I heard peeping, but can’t say that it came from the nest.  Eventually, not too long really, parent #2 landed on the nest and started tending something, a baby?  Just general housekeeping?  I decided that this was Mom because she apparently decided that a small branch above the nest had to go, and she spent quite a while working on accomplishing that.  1-16calling copy1-16momtakesover copy1-16momtakesover2 copy1-16momtakesover3 copy1-16momtakesover4 copyAnd again, I thought what next?  Sunset wasn’t for over an hour at that point, so I decided to go to Hudson Beach for the sunset, killing some time and putting me a lot closer to home.  I put the new wide-angle lens on for the sunset pictures.  Practice, practice, practice, yet again.1-16hudsonsunset copy.jpgAnd from the iPhone, one more…1-16hudsonsunset2.jpg

6 thoughts on “Hudson Beach plus eagles…”

  1. I wish I had Bald Eagles near my home. You captured the nest pretty well, is there a chance for you to be in a higher level to see inside the nest? Good work Sue. 🙂

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    1. No, unfortunately H.J. Their tree is close to a street but behind a fence and on property owned by a power plant. We stand on the other side of the street, busy street, and people honk at you as you stand there with your finger on the trigger. It takes patience. And it’s a 40 minute drive to get there.

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