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Oh say can you see…

I heard about a new eagle nest yesterday so I decided to check it out today.  Once I found it I liked the round shape, it looked different from the other nest I visit.  But it was a lot farther off in the distance, and I knew my photos would be disappointing.  But I didn’t have to wait too long for some eagle action though.  This eagle flew in and delivered some lunch, perched for just a few minutes, and was off again.  I decided to head to the other nest, which wasn’t too far away.1-19newnest copyI was far enough south, I just had to head due west to the other nest.  I was rewarded by being able to get a couple of photos in before this eagle hunkered down on the nest.  I usually can’t resist taking a lot of pictures of the nest with only an eagle head showing, and then they aren’t really usable pictures.  But I resisted doing that, so it seemed like I was just standing there doing nothing for quite a while.  I watched cars stop and take pictures out the window, and a truck pass a school bus and nearly drive it off the road.  There is a lot of traffic on that road and I don’t think it was designed for it.  People honk and wave, I get tired of squinting into the camera.1-19oldnest1 copyThere always seem to be vultures circling overhead, and until now I’ve had to stare at them to try to decide if they are eagles.  But when it really is an eagle he makes a bee-line for the nest, no soaring for him.  And when I see one flying I usually focus on the nest to catch him as he lands, but so far that hadn’t happened.  I saw this one flying in, and when he didn’t show up on the nest I looked and spotted him nearby.  He posed a bit and flew off again without landing on the nest.1-19eagleposeAgain I saw him flying, and again I focused on the nest… and, you guessed it.  He landed a lot farther away, and I considered walking down to get better photos of him, but then I wouldn’t have a shot of the nest, so I stood my ground.1-19secondpose copy

I had been there standing at the side of the road for quite a while by then.  I was tempted to leave, but the longer I was there it seemed to me that it he’d be back soon, possibly as I walked back to the car.  So I stayed, and it paid off.  He must have been a hero when he landed with his prize.  Mom didn’t stick around to enjoy it though, she was off to spread her wings…


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