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A watched pot…

I got home from my eagle hunting yesterday to find the Sandhill cranes were laying out on the site of last year’s nest. Of course I immediately assumed that they had been there all day, and that maybe she was sitting on eggs. Well, that hope was dashed this morning when neither one was out there on the nest. No cranes means no eggs. It was January 20th last year when they laid their eggs, according to one neighbor. But they came back this afternoon, and are out there on the nest right now, and, since I’m ever the optimist, it’s just a matter of time.1-20crane2 copy1-20standingcrane copy

When I got home today I checked to see if cranes were out there and noticed a bird flitting from spot to spot along the water’s edge. To me that indicated the Tri-color heron, but when I went out with the camera all I could find was a Little Blue heron. A large Little Blue Heron. Maybe I ought to run his photo through Merlin just in case.  But that sneaky little Tri-color was out there after all.  I love it when I’m right.1-20littleblueheron1 copy1-202herons copy1-20tri-colorAnd, the eagle hunting.  I forgot to post my favorite photo from yesterday.1-19eaglepose2copy

I’m not seeing any sun out there, and I’m chilly here in the house, so the sunset probably isn’t in the cards tonight. I guess that means I’m done here. I see a Grace and Frankie marathon in my immediate future.